RoboPony Robot Education Edition Overview of Unmanned Driving Course

At the forefront of self-driving, market researchers predict that more than 20 million driverless vehicles will be on the road by 2025, forming a market of 420 billion US dollars. The next burst of career choice is driverless. This course provides a cutting-edge knowledge system for the unmanned industry. Through this course system, you can get access to unmanned software and hardware, and learn insights from industry experts. Combined with the practical and programmable educational version of the ZhenRobotics small Huang Ma driverless car, after the successful completion of the course, you will form an intuitive and interesting understanding of the entire stack of driverless software and hardware, be able to build your own driverless system, increase rich engineering and research experience, develop interesting applications, and even be ready to apply for work in the driverless car industry. It is recommended that you have some background knowledge in algebra, physics and Python programming.

ZhenRobotics provides customers with unmanned and artificial intelligence teaching solutions, helps educational institutions to offer unmanned and artificial intelligence courses, and establishes artificial intelligence laboratories to help students start exploring and learning in the field of unmanned and artificial intelligence. The key applicable objects of this course are:
AI education in senior high schools, robot education in vocational colleges, robot specialty in comprehensive universities, scientific research institutions in universities, artificial intelligence and robot training institutions, and robot enthusiasts.

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Learning content

Hardware System and Sensors

Contact with real unmanned hardware components and sensors, including cameras, LIDAR,GPS, odometer, GPU, etc.

Software architecture

Understand the full stack software architecture and components of the unmanned system, and understand the unmanned software system.

Artificial intelligence

Realize dynamic and static pedestrian and vehicle detection and form a perception of the environment

Programming and operating system

Learn the basic programming language python and the general robot operating system ROS

Robot technology

Robot localization and mapping, behavior planning and vehicle control are realized through laser radar.

Product definition

Through redefining the product, cultivate product thinking and product sensitivity, team communication ability

Educational curriculum Mode of operation

Join the course

Contact us and show proof of educational institution (individual users show proof of reading), that is to say, obtain the purchasing right of robot education edition and preliminary lesson plans and training materials.

Practice project

Purchasing robots to educational institutions, senior technical experts to carry out teacher training, and participate in the first phase of teaching practice, hand-in-hand to create a quality course.

Obtain a certificate

Complete the first phase of training, issue the Certificate of Instructor for Robot Education Edition of RoboPony and the Certificate of Robot Practice of RoboPony, and provide lifelong consultation and upgrade services.

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