About Us

ZhenRobotics was founded on July 6, 2016. It is dedicated to empower industries with leading mobile robot technology, continuously improving people's lives and leading human progress. Zhen Robotics has completed the development of the fifth generations of products, and has a product matrix for last mile food delivery robot (RoboPony mini), commercial floor cleaning robot (RoboWhale mini), public space patrol robot (RoboBat mini). We provide robotic solution for the supplement of delivery man, cleaner and security staff to construct smart, sustainable and resilient Cities.

Zhen Robotics had completed three rounds of financial raising from leading venture capital and listed companies. Zhen Robotics was founded by top machine learning and robotics scientist from ETH Zurich, Imperial College London, Tsinghua Univeristy and Alibaba. The team features world-leading R&D capabilities to develop a complete system consisting of machine learning, computer vision, autonomous localization, navigation, and electronic system. ZhenRobotics has 120+ leading customers. Furthermore, the distribution interruption rate is less than one in a thousand. In addition, ZhenRobotics team has 50+ employee, with core members consisting of masters and doctorate graduates from famous international universities and domestic top-ranking universities. Most of them have experiences in winning awards in robotics competitions or publishing top academic papers.

Mission vision

Mission:Maximize the Value of "Small Mobile Robot for Indoor and Outdoor Use" in Human Society。

As one of China's leading robotics companies, ZhenRobotics is committed to promoting universal small mobile robot technology inside and outside the home to make positive contributions to economic, social and human development. ZhenRobotics insists on original technology as its core and hopes to empower the industry with leading mobile robot technology to continuously enhance and improve people's lives and lead human progress.

Vision:A trillion-dollar robot company.

Values:Positive, Communication, Cooperation, Landing




Justin Liu, founder of ZhenRobotics, expert in artificial intelligence, one of the young leaders in robotics field. He was Ph.D Candidairte of the computer science department of the Federal Institute of technology of Zurich (ETHz). He once served as the research assistant of the computer department of the Federal Institute of technology of Zurich (ETHz), with a master's degree in engineering and a bachelor's degree in engineering. His research interests are machine learning and robotics. He also graduated from Tsinghua University, with a master's degree in Business Administration from Tsinghua University, winner of Tsinghua University's sailing award, and influential young innovation leader of the Global Youth Innovation Conference in 2019.

Email: zhiyong.liu@zhenrobot.com

Core values