About Us

ZhenRobotics was founded on July 6, 2016. It is dedicated to empower industries with leading mobile robot technology, continuously improving people's lives and leading human progress. Zhen Robotics has completed the development of the fifth generations of products and achieve operation mileage of 800000 kilometers. It has a product matrix of RoboPony-self-driving delivery robot(SDRs),RoboBat-autonomous security robot(ASRs), and RoboWhale-commercial cleaning robot(CCRs) .We provide robotic solution for the supplement of delivery man, cleaner and security staff to construct smart, sustainable and resilient Cities.

Zhen Robotics was founded by top researcher and scientist in artificial & Robotis field originated from Tsinghua Univeristy,ETH Zurich,Imperial College.

Mission Vision

Mission:Maximising the value of "indoor and outdoor general-purpose small mobile robots" in human society.

As one of China's advanced robotics companies, Zhen Robotics is committed to promoting "indoor and outdoor general-purpose small mobile robots" through the "indoor and outdoor general-purpose small mobile robots" troika to make positive contributions to the development of the economy, society and humanity.Zhen Robotics insists on original technology as its core, hoping to empower the industry with advanced mobile robotics to continuously enhance and improve people's lives and lead human progress.

Vision:Making robots as ubiquitous as air.

Values:Active communication, cooperation on the ground, customer achievement and struggle-oriented.

Historical Process

As China's advanced indoor and outdoor general-purpose mobile robot company and industry leader, Zhen Robotics has completed its 5th generation of product development and 70 product reliability tests, and has a product matrix including "Zhen Robotics RoboWhale" MINI - the universal indoor and outdoor commercial cleaning robot , "Zhen Robotics RoboPony" MINI - the last mile/intelligent end delivery robot , "Zhen Robotics RoboBat" MINI - the universal indoor and outdoor unmanned patrol robot. Rich application scenarios, with strong program replicability, with industry leading customers at home and abroad and a high market share. We invite those who have the ability to customise market expansion plans and implement them, and who have rich customer resources in the local area, to create a life career together.

Establishment of the company

On July 6, 2016, Zhen Robotics was founded with the help of 5 workstations provided by Tsinghua University x-lab,and subsequently received funding from Tsinghua University x-lab's Next Generation Technology Education Fund and Tsinghua University School Committee's Create+ Seed Fund.

The first prototype of the Zhen Robotics RoboPony robot was born

In August 2016, the first multi-line LiDAR was procured at an hourly price of RMB 72,000, and the first laser version of the Zhen Robotics RoboPony unmanned delivery robot prototype was assembled at a processing plant in the suburbs of Beijing.

First Reported by 36 Krypton

In August 2016, 36 Krypton first reported on China's small unmanned delivery robots with the headline"Replacing delivery workers with robots, Zhen Robotics wants to be the Chinese version of Starship".

Received investment from PuYue China PLUGANDPLAY CHINA

In December 2016, after half an hour of efficient communication, that is, we got the investment from the international famous incubator PuYue China PLUGANDPLAY CHINA (has achieved the exit).

Received investment from Dark Horse Fund

In July 2017, we received investment from Dark Horse Fund, an early-stage investment fund established by famous investor Hu Xiang (which has achieved exit).

Obtain bulk orders from international customers

In May 2020, after proof of concept and pilot operation for international customers, we received the first batch orders from international customers.

Operating mileage exceeds 800,000 km

In October 2021, the robot cluster will be operating at full capacity with more than 800,000 kilometers of operation.

Anji mass production base launch

In February 2022, the mass production production base in Anji, Zhejiang Province was launched, and the full-scene trial and test base was started.

Completing a Troika-style robotics layout

In March 2022, based on one robot body, a Troika-style product matrix of "Zhen Robotics RoboPony" delivery robot, "Zhen Robotics RoboWhale" commercial cleaning robot ,"Zhen Robotics RoboBat" unmanned patrol robot will be formed.

Zhen Robotics RoboPony visual version launch

In April 2022, when the real LiDAR version of the robot is becoming mature, the layout of the vision version of the low-cost delivery robot will be launched to form a strong layout of the niche market.