Overall Performance

Zhen Robotics RoboPony,Zhen Robotics RoboWhale and Zhen Robotics RoboBat have now achieved autonomous driving operations in indoor environments, parks and some city roads, day and night, mixed pedestrian and vehicle traffic, in full scenarios, and fully automated driving without human intervention in complex scenarios such as heavy rain, snow and peak commuting times.

Core Technology

The images under this item are indicative of the algorithm and do not represent the actual algorithm

Six-wheel drive suspension chassis

Outdoor all-terrain adaptability, six-wheel independent suspension damping, single-wheel ground clearance of 15cm, 360° in-situ steering, maximum load of 100kg, speed up to 3km/h-10km/h.

Dual AI intelligence engines

With dual AI positioning and obstacle avoidance systems of vision and LIDAR, dual sensing of the environment, dual system redundancy and interchangeability to achieve 12-hour full-time operation and ultra-high accuracy for safe obstacle avoidance.

Cloud-based Dispatch Brain

The unmanned delivery local network has been built through a high-speed, real-time closed loop with zero human intervention, based on hundreds of dimensional feature data to form intelligent dispatching and intelligent planning, and tens of thousands of deliveries have been completed.

Lift linkage capability

Has the ability to interact with the lift to achieve hailing, lighting and delay functions, which are delivered to the door of the user's unit through cloud-based communication with the lift system to achieve accurate delivery of the last 1m.