Performance Overview

Zhen Robotics RoboPony,Zhen Robotics RoboWhale and Zhen Robotics RoboBat have successfully achieved 24-hour autonomous driving operations in indoor environments, industrial parks and specific urban roads, especially in complex scenarios where pedestrians and vehicles are mixed. What's more, our products can even perform automatic driving without human intervention in complex scenarios such as heavy rain, blizzard, and traffic jams.

Core Technology

Note: The GIF animation below is only used as a visualization of the algorithm, not equivalent to the actual execution process of the algorithm.

Six-wheel drive suspension chassis

Outdoor all-terrain adaptability, six-wheel independent shock absorption suspension. Ground clearance: 15cm, in-situ steering angle: 360°, maximum load: 100kg, moving speed: 3km/h-10km/h.

Dual AI intelligence engines

The dual AI positioning and obstacle avoidance system with vision and lidar has the ability to perform dual perception of the environment. The dual system redundancy exchange guarantees 12-hour full-time work, as well as ultra-high accuracy safety obstacle avoidance.

Cloud-based Dispatch "Brain"

Through high-speed real-time closed-loop testing, based on hundreds of dimensional feature data sets, intelligent order dispatching and planning have been realized, and a local unmanned distribution network has been constructed. As of August 2022, tens of thousands of orders have been delivered in time.

Live Linkage with Evlevator

Through the cloud communication with the elevator system, it can interact with the elevator to realize functions, like calling the elevator, lighting up the car interior, and waiting for a delay. It can even achieve precise delivery of the last 1 meter - directly to the user's doorstep.