Overall performance

At present, ZhenRobotics Small Huang Ma has already implemented automatic driving operation in the park and some urban roads under day and night, mixed traffic, and full scenes. It has also implemented automatic driving without manual intervention in complex scenes such as heavy rain, heavy snow, rush hour, and rush hour in kindergartens. It can also cope with unexpected situations such as other motor vehicles or bicycles retrograde, congestion, and vehicles and pedestrians running red lights.

Core Technologies

Six-wheel drive suspension chassis

It has outdoor all-terrain adaptability, six-wheel independent suspension damping, single wheel ground distance of 15 cm, 360 degrees of pivot steering, maximum load of 200 kg, and maximum speed of 3km/h-10km/h.

Dual AI Wisdom Engine

With dual AI positioning and obstacle avoidance system for vision and lidar , it also has dual sensing of the environment and dual system redundancy interchange, realizing 24-hour full-time work, and ultra-high accuracy safe obstacle avoidance.

Cloud scheduling brain

Through the high-speed real-time closed loop of zero manual intervention, according to the hundreds of dimensional characteristic data, the intelligent dispatch and intelligent planning are formed, and self-driving delivery localized network is constructed, tens of thousands of the delivery have been completed.

Elevator linkage ability

It has the ability to interact with the elevator to realize the call, lighting and delay functions. It communicates with the Cloud of the elevator system and sends it to the door of the user unit to achieve accurate delivery of the last 1 meter.

Supply chain capability

Automatic production line

The manufacturing base is located in Pingshan, Shenzhen. It integrates production and quality control. It has comprehensive quality in terms of quality, cost and delivery, lean production management and production line capacity guarantee.

Full scene test and test base

6,000 square meters of perfect full-scene testing and testing environment to simulate more strict topography and conduct performance experiments and tests to ensure correct selection of core components and good product rate.

Live Road Tests

Technology Chain

As a team of full-stack technology, it implements a full chain design from mechanical chassis to core circuits, and from to algorithmic systems and cloud systems.

Tenets of Technology

Safety      Excellence      Innovation      Empowerment